Our Core Business Areas Include:

  • System Engineering and Systems integration
  • Object Oriented and Client/Server Software Development
  • Advanced and Large-Scale Database Development
  • Network Engineering, Management, and Security
  • Systems and Database Administration
  • Software Process Improvement Consulting
  • Systems Analysis and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Value-Added Reselling
  • Project Management Consulting and Training
  • Radar Engineering and Field-Level Technical Support Services
  • Mechanical and STructural Engineering and Modeling
  • Technical Writing and Reports Production

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  • 5924 S. Deerwood Farms Land
    Holliday, Ut 84121
  • 801-721-3036

Employment Opportunities

We're always looking to hire software developers, security engineers, radar engineers, and structural/mechanical engineers. Enjoy competitve benefits. Send resumes to